March 22, 2023


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How Digital Technology Levels Education

Technology is remote or Online learning During the blockade of COVID-19, the trend towards hybrid learning, which was already in motion before the pandemic, accelerated rapidly. Schools and universities have been forced to learn how to implement and use these technologies quickly, under great pressure to keep students digitally engaged and secure. This situation was difficult for everyone involved, but it also has the resulting benefits.

About the author

Manju Kygonahally is Vice President of Communications, Media, Education and Technology. Cognizant..

According to the Ministry of Education (DfE), more than 10,000 schools in the UK were limited or none at all. remote Educational or learning ability at the beginning of the pandemic. But now technology helps address some of the social disparities in access to educational resources.By using techniques like cloudThe education department helps underprivileged students provide better support, even if they learn face-to-face, in accessing learning materials that may not have been previously accessible. More importantly, by integrating technology into student learning practices, you can enhance your digital capabilities and effectively prepare your digital workforce, regardless of background.

Education should not be a privilege

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