June 3, 2023


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Kidnapping: Communication technology remains best option to fight crime

Ben Dunno, Warri Concerned over the growing rate of kidnapping along the Benin-Auchi-Abuja highway, the...

Ben Dunno, Warri

Concerned over the growing rate of kidnapping along the Benin-Auchi-Abuja highway, the traditional ruler of South Ibie Kingdom in Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo state, HRM Alhaji Aliyu Danesi, has urged the federal government to deploy more of communication technology in combating crimes associated to kidnapping and hostage taking.

Making this suggestion in a chat with newsmen who were seeking solutions to the threats posed by kidnapping within Edo/Delta axis at his palace in Sabo-South Ibie Kingdom during the weekend, the monarch noted that kidnapping remains one of the easiest crime to tackle if the right technological approach was being adopted to combat the menace.

While disclosing that crime fighting had gone technological globally as civilised nations of the world are now investing more in advanced technology to track criminals, HRM Denesi, noted that of all the technologies today, communications technology which plays a key role in combating kidnapping remains the cheapest.

According to him, “The fight against crime today globally had gone technological and we cannot be left behind in this global best practices to crime fighting as a nation, the government need to move with the global trends and invest heavily in technology if we are sincere about fighting crimes”.

“From my understanding, the easiest crime to fight in any society is kidnapping and this can be effective carried out with the aide of technology and you will agree with me that of all the technologies today, communications technology remains the cheapest”.

“So let the government look critically at this direction as well and begin to invest more in this advance method of tackling crimes, mostly kidnapping that is now very prevalent in our society today as it had become a lucrative business for the criminals”.

“The two key technology in fighting kidnapping are the use of drones and satellite location tracking as well as credible information gathering methods. The government should place priority attention in acquiring more drones and update our satellite location tracking to be able to capture the remote areas, especially the forest where these criminals are hidding to perpetrate their nefarious activities”.

The Royal father also expressed worries over alleged complicity of some security operatives and local indigenes in cases of kidnappings, stating that the reason the crime had gotten so worsened in recent time was due to the alleged collaboration of some policemen and military personnels as well as community indigenes in the dastardly act.

He noted that the strangers who were involved in such criminal acts had the support of some indigenes to perpetrate the act in that area, stressing that it would be difficult for strangers to go into any community to commit certain crimes without the collaboration of some indigenes.

“I still findout it very difficult to believe that some criminals would just go to somewhere and kidnap innocent people and took them through some routes by road till they get to their hideout destinations and they are not being detected by the police or Army with their various checkpoints on some major highways. This can only be as result of collaborations with some security operatives’, the monarch disclosed.

While urging the federal government to take this fight against kidnapping more seriously as it has become a national embarrassment, HRM Danesi urged leaders and communities indigenes to also be vigilante of strangers among them and learn to report questionable characters either indigenes or non indigenes to police inorder to preempt such crimes in their areas.


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