June 3, 2023


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NAB upgrades digital technology in its branches – Finance – Hardware – Software

NAB is adding digital services such as self-service machines, ‘digital bars’ and video conferencing facilities...

NAB is adding digital services such as self-service machines, ‘digital bars’ and video conferencing facilities to its branches as part of a $160 million refurbishment program.

The bank invested $60 million into the program in 2020 and added an additional $100 million this year.

It said that digital services that were proving popular with customers, such as NAB’s self-service ‘digital bars’ and machines are being installed more widely and will be available day and night.

As part of the self-service digital bars, new technologies include iPads for digital banking and where staff can inform customers of online options.

SmartATMs, express cash machines, cash exchange and express business deposit will also be added.

In some locations NAB are also rolling out a new machine called business express, which combines the capabilities of the cash exchange and express business deposit machines into one machine.

Branch changes also include new designs and open plan layouts, plus private meeting spaces for customers.

NAB group executive of personal banking Rachel Slade said that while “digital savvy customers no longer need to visit a branch to withdraw cash, deposit a cheque or to pay a bill”, the branch network remained an important part of the banking experience.

“When our customers choose to visit us in a branch, it’s to have an in-depth conversation about how we can help them achieve their goals.

“That’s why we are making significant investments in our branch network, redesigning these important locations for the customer experience to be less transactional and more conversational.”

Slade said NAB is “investing in more smaller-format branches so we can provide a convenient location for customers to have important conversations with experienced NAB bankers, either in person or via video.”

Refurbishments have already been completed in 26 locations with an extra 50 to be completed by the end of the year, predominately across regional Australia.  

NAB successfully trialled its new branch format at a Casey Central Shopping Centre branch in Victoria last year.

The bank plans to also open four new style branches this year, with one in Sydney and three in Melbourne.

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