June 1, 2023


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Digital Technology Company TO THE NEW partners with Google Cloud Platform

One of the fastest-growing digital technology companies, TO THE NEW has been recognised by Google...

One of the fastest-growing digital technology companies, TO THE NEW has been recognised by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as a partner. The strategic partnership has come at a time when there has been an increase in demand for cloud services from enterprises and digital-native companies. The company has also been identified as the leading Cloud Computing and Consulting services company across the globe.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is an infrastructure that provides a platform as a service to serverless companies for a secure computing environment for customers and service providers. The GCP also provides advanced security tools for data privacy and streamline operations. In addition, it also enables customer data and applications to run in the cloud environment.

What is TO THE NEW 

TO THE NEW is a digital technology firm that is known to provide digital transformation and product engineering services to large enterprises across the globe. They provide services like OTT platform development, System Integration, Cloud Migration, and many more. Founded in 2002, this company has had an average growth rate of 60 per cent since 2017. It is ranked 47 among the top 100 companies in India to work for in 2019.

“This achievement goes on to strengthen our Cloud services portfolio and the tech stack we offer to our customers,” said Deepak Mittal, Co-founder, and TO THE NEW CEO.

Talking about providing advanced customer service, Mittal added, partnership with Google will allow his company to provide “unparalleled experience” to the customers as they “navigate their Digital and Cloud Transformation journeys.” The company comprises a 1500+ team member called “Newers” spread across three centres in Delhi, Dubai, and NYC. TO THE NEW has also been recognized by global analyst firms like Gartner, Everest, ISG, and Zinnov. It has been applauded for its product engineering, cloud, data, and analytics capabilities. Other than GCP, TO THE NEW has notable partners like AWS, Azure, to provide end-to-end cloud professional management.  

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