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Dr. Marie-Claude Morice to receive the 2021 Andreas Gruntzig Ethica Award

Dr. Morice’s contributions to the PCR mission are to be recognised at the EuroPCR 2021...

Dr. Morice’s contributions to the PCR mission are to be recognised at the EuroPCR 2021 Course

Credit: PCR

EuroPCR, taking place online from 18 to 20 May 2021, will be an opportunity for the interventional cardiovascular community to come together and benefit from interactive training with their peers. At this year’s web-based event, Dr. Marie-Claude Morice will be presented with the Andreas Grüntzig Ethica Award in recognition of her contribution to training, education and clinical research in interventional cardiology.

The Andreas Grüntzig Ethica Award is presented every year to an outstanding colleague who has contributed in an extraordinary way to the PCR mission: serving the needs of every individual patient by helping the cardiovascular community to share knowledge, experience and practice. Dr. Morice, as a practitioner, researcher and mentor, is a perfect example of what PCR stands for and is a very deserving recipient of this year’s award. The ceremony will take place on Thursday 20 May at 11.45 a.m. Paris time on the Main Arena channel.

A practitioner and clinical scientist

Dr. Marie-Claude Morice has been chosen as the recipient of this year’s award in recognition of her work as a leading researcher and practitioner in interventional cardiology, with an impressive career spanning over four decades. This award recognises four visionary contributions of Marie-Claude Morice’s research to the practice of interventional cardiology that have had an enormous impact on patient well-being:

  • Pioneering the use of the antiplatelet drug clopidogrel to prevent acute and chronic thrombosis further to Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI), with or without the use of a stent, to replace multiple ineffective anticoagulants.
  • Contributing to the validation and adoption of active drug-eluting stents in daily practice as principal investigator in many trials, including the very first trial – the RAVEL study.
  • Extending PCI indications to multivessel coronary artery disease and especially left main coronary artery disease, thus far wrongly considered as a “no touch” lesion subset for interventionalists.
  • Identifying an “orphan” group of patients with High Bleeding Risk (HBR) and establishing the boundaries of targeted antiplatelet therapy through dedicated trials in order to reduce bleeding without increasing ischaemic risk.

Contribution to the learning continuum

Dr. Marie-Claude Morice has shown great commitment to educating and training, with a special focus on young professionals. As part of her determination to help others learn and practice, she was involved in the creation of the PCR Clinical Research programme, which is open to all stakeholders of the clinical research process. She is the woman behind the creation of the PCR Tokyo Valves Course, enlisting the dedicated commitment and leadership of Dr Saito-san and Dr Kentaro Hayashida, one of her pupils. Through these initiatives, Marie-Claude has embraced PCR’s mission, sharing her knowledge, experience and practice in cardiovascular interventional medicine to help younger generations of practitioners get a foot on the ladder. Her commitment has been invaluable to many of her young colleagues, including Davide Capodanno, Christopher Cook, Dejan Milasinovich and Kentaro Hayashida through PCR Clinical Research and PCR Tokyo Valves.

An advocate for gender equality

Dr. Morice has been and remains a key player in the fight for gender equality. Her combat has targeted society at large and, of course, the world of interventional cardiology, with a special focus on patients. She has notably conducted research studying the impact of gender on access to care and the differential outcomes of therapies. She firmly believes that women have a place in the field of medicine and co-founded Women as One, an initiative that promotes talent in medicine and cardiology by providing unique professional opportunities to female physicians.



Dates to remember

  • EuroPCR Course – 18-20 May 2021 – Livestream programme
  • Andreas Grüntzig Ethica Award – 20 May 2021, 11.45 a.m. Paris time – Main Arena channel

About EuroPCR 2021

The World-Leading Course in interventional cardiovascular medicine and the official annual meeting of the European Association of Percutaneous Cardiovascular Interventions (EAPCI) will take place online from 18 to 20 May 2021. In this virtual course, the interventional cardiovascular community will come together to share knowledge, skills and experience to provide better care for patients around the world. This year will offer new interactive ways of learning.

The detailed Interactive Programme is available here.

About PCR

The mission of PCR is to serve the needs of each individual patient by helping the cardiovascular community to share knowledge, experience and practice. PCR offers a broad range of many other educational meetings and resources for the continuing education of the interventional cardiovascular community. These include major annual courses across the globe, e-Learning with high-profile PCR webinars, courses specifically dedicated to valvular heart disease, tailor-made PCR seminars on specific topics, online resources and medical publications such as EuroIntervention, the official journal of the EAPCI.

Gateways to all PCR activities are available at http://www.pcronline.com

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