June 1, 2023


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If you’ve worked as a marketer or author of some content form, you’ve likely had...

If you’ve worked as a marketer or author of some content form, you’ve likely had times when finding the right image wasn’t easy. You can’t just pick any image from the internet and use it, as you may not have the right to do so.

Pro users, however, know where to look for the images they want. There are certain websites and services that offer you thousands of images to use on your website or blog. These sites often update their image libraries with new content so you always get something new. JumpStory is one of these services where you can get access to millions of visuals.

What Is JumpStory?

jumpstory stock photos

JumpStory Authentic Stock Photography is a service that offers unlimited access to over 25 million visuals that you can use on your sites. No matter the type of website you run, you’ll find dozens of appropriate images with this service. This will surely make your content stand out from the crowd.

Not only do you get access to static images, but there’s also a pool of over 500,000 professional videos. That helps enhance your video content.

MakeUseOf Deals is running a promotion for this service: you can subscribe for life at just $99.99. The regular price for this service stands at $2,340, meaning this deal discounts it by 95 percent.

What Do You Get With JumpStory’s Authentic Stock Photography?

jumpstory features

With JumpStory, you’ll get more than you can ever consume. With over 20 million professional photos, you’ll never be short of any media content for your written copy or blog posts. You’ll always have a unique image to use in your articles and other content.

There are over 500,000 illustrations and 100,000 vectors, which is likely much more than you’d ever need for your projects. It includes 50,000 icons as well.

With an offering as large as this, it sometimes becomes difficult to drill down to the actual content that you need. That’s where the service’s AI tools come into the picture.

It offers a search helper to find you exactly the images you need. Then it tells how an image will perform using various AI algorithms. Those predictions help you decide what image you should use in your content to have more people see it.

When you like something on the site, you can add it to your favorites list. This gives you quick access to your marked content later when you come back to the service.

JumpStory also includes an image editor so you can refine your images before downloading them to your device. You can quickly and easily remove backgrounds from your images with the AI tools, crop your images, add text to your images, and perform other basic editing.

Get 25+ Million Visuals for Life

Head over to the JumpStory Authentic Stock Photography page at MakeUseOf Deals to take advantage of this offer. The subscription lasts forever, giving you access to both the existing visuals on the site as well as any freshly added content. It’s a fantastic resource for all your multimedia needs.

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