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Transforming Life: Technology and Our Future

by Analytics Insight August 15, 2021 There is a little doubt that we are locating...

by Analytics Insight

August 15, 2021

There is a little doubt that we are locating ourselves in a tech-driven world, not just increasingly but irrevocably. The promise of better and most convenient living lies at the heart of futuristic projections of cutting-edge technology. The great momentum that new technology has today is sourced from its relentless efforts at innovations marked by the advent of incredibly sophisticated items.

The following account of some of the premier items of cutting-edge futuristic technology not only unpacks an astonishing variety. It also reveals the way such technology is going to transform our very existence in near future. The near future may be as close as the next decade. The domains of our life under such tech-induced life-changing process include space and planets, transportation, communication, public infrastructure, home architecture, home appliances, home chores, workplace, human body, personal hygiene, food, gaming. The range is unbelievably wide. The private journeys to space have already begun and soon sightseeing trips to another planet may become a reality. Robots are already gaining credibility as office assistants and as helping hands at home. Knowledge of driving may not be necessary to drive a car. A deadly mix of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and 5G connectivity that lies at the base of such incredible ventures is making it possible to reshape the world as never before.


Different Ways in Which Disruptive Technologies can Transform Our Future



An exoskeleton is known as the external skeleton to support any disabled body part for free movement as a normal person. The mix of artificial intelligence and robotics has started helping robotic exoskeletons in collecting real-time data through high-sensor cameras to eliminate obstacles in the front. These self-controlled arms or legs are about to assist elderly patients or disabled persons in regular tasks efficiently.


5G Connections in Industries

The advent of the 5G wireless network holds a massive potential of boosting productivity in multiple industries across the world. 5G network provides a great speed with the lowest latency and increased bandwidth to efficiently and effectively complete remote execution through multiple connected devices or IoT/IoMT devices. This will transform the productivity rate of industries such as manufacturing, healthcare or power.


Smart Cities

Multiple regulatory authorities and governments can integrate Geographic Information System (GIS) or other geospatial systems with aerial photography to enhance the standard of living in smart cities. There are various smart cities across the world built with different technologies, high sensors, and electronic methods. These cities combine real-time data with digital transformation to boost the economic growth of a country. GIS will help in building 3D models for further improvements in specific areas of smart cities efficiently.

Diverse Kinds of Robots

The constant advancements in artificial intelligence and robotics are launching diverse ranges of robots in the world. These robots are determined to surprise society with different functionalities in multiple industries. It is a myth that robots will take over human job opportunities. But robots are ready to make work more efficient for humans with their smart intelligence and flexibility. There are different kinds of robots ready to transform workplaces in the nearby future; industrial robots, micro-robots, wall-climbing robots, nano-robots, medical robots, mechanical robots, humanoid robots, soldier robots, autonomous robots, and many more.


High-rise Farms with Lab-grown Meat

Smart cities like Singapore have already started vertical farming or high-rise farms due to the lack of space for agricultural fields. The cutting-edge technology has started growing crops hydroponically under artificial lights to keep those warm and fresh. This holds the potential to reduce transportation costs for farmers in the future. The increasing efficiency of LED lights is making this plan viable. There is also an aim to grow lab-grown meat with modern livestock technology.


Hyper-fast Train

The world-known entrepreneur Elon Musk is always focused on developing some new products and services by leveraging disruptive technologies. The technological future is almost dependent on him through his craziest ideas. He has planned to launch hyper-fast trains to avoid traffic jams on busy roads to be known as Hyperloop. It will be a super-speed ground-level train like a vacuum tube with a speed of 760 mph through magnetic levitation.

Yes, that being said, these disruptive technologies are set to transform our future with smart and efficient functionalities to make our work faster and smoother. Let’s all wait to have different immersive experiences with cutting-edge technologies in the nearby future.

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